Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Yarn Minder

Yarn Minder
 Working with this specialty yarn is fairly easy, once you know the tricks. Although Sashay comes in a ball, it is twisted and condensed. The ribbons come in a hank, which needs to be dealt with very gently so not to tangle into a bird's nest.  Both should be rewound onto a tube such as the inside of a paper towel roll. Once wound flat, the project rolls smoothly into place.

I designed the Yarn Minder pictured to steady the flow to my needles. My dear sweet husband made it a reality with some wood and some small diameter PVC pipe. The Yarn Minder double decker is great for using two together as one. In the picture, I'm actually making two scarves at the same time on a knitting loom.  

I really wanted something sturdy.  I made some scarves for gifts last month, and winding the ruffle yarn on the pvc pipe helped a lot.  But it was just rolling on the end table behind a couple of coffee cups.  LOL  This works much better.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say.   Sometimes you have to make do with what is at hand.  Sometimes you have a husband that is just itching to use his power tools.