Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Flings!

Spring is finally here!!  Now is the time to get out and spruce up the yard, enjoy long bike rides, lazy day picnics, and lots of cold drinks.  The only annoying part is the condensation on the container.  Your hands get wet and slippery, water drips and puddles on the table.  I've found that these crocheted sleeves eliminate that annoyance so you can enjoy your spring fling.  They help to keep your hands dry while insulating the beverage.  I've hand crocheted these from 100% USA grown cotton.  A ruffled edge, or flower motif, will determine her drink from his.

Special orders are welcomed.  Choose your color, choose your style.  Would you like solid colors, stripes, or variegated?  Don't like the ruffles?  No problem.  What about sets where each one is a different color?

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Let me know what you are thinking!