Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I finished Block 10 of the Brownie Knits Blanket Along. Thank you Gina for a new challenge.  A basic knit and purl pattern that was easy and fun. I'm about halfway through with block 11. I'll show you when it is complete. This year has gone by so fast. I can't believe block 12 and the final construction is only a couple of weeks away!

I was so kindly gifted the Chuncky Ribbed Scoodie by Zoe Deterding. Thank you Amy Gibson for your generous gift. This was an awesome pattern and easily crocheted. I added the simple contrasting edge in white. 

The Simple Scoodie also by Zoe. Less complicated than the basketweave design, it still is a beautiful pattern. I added the shell edging in a buff color.
While I was in the Scoodie mood, I completed

It has been a month of crochet. Maybe that's why the November knit block isn't finished yet. 😉 The next project was the Lace Stripe Ear Warmer.  A quick project that keeps my ears warm. This cute crochet project incorporates the V stitch. The pattern called for a button and button hole. I chose to just join the ends as a regular headband. Not the neatest job I've ever done, but it works!

The latest sewing project is the Bag Minders. Walker and wheelchair safety is extremely important.

 Using both hands is essential.  Trying to hold onto your purse or shopping bag at the same time can be a tricky operation.  The bag minder will secure your bag for a helping hand.  See the demonstration video

Bag minders are not just for the walkers or wheelchairs.  Use it as a handle for carrying several bags at once.  Strap a bag to your cart or bicycle handles. You could even use it a plant hanger over tree branches or deck railings.  The set makes a great gift too!

Wishing each and everyone of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and joyous holidays.  In a world full of terror and evil men meaning to do harm, be thankful for all you have.  Hug a love one today and get past the family drama that so easily occurs and threatens to destroy relationships and joy.