Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fabric Stands for my Tech

Fabric Stands for my Tech

I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the stands I had for my iPad. The case I bought for the tablet is great for protection, but not so great for standing it on edge. Since I spend a great deal of time with it propped up watching videos or listening to podcasts, I needed something that was more stable. I tried using a plate stand, but it was forever catching on the case for the iPad.  Each time I went to use the tablet, the stand toppled over.  It was a balancing act just to put it back in the stand as well.

I had seen in my internet travels where you could make your own pillow stand with just a couple of seams, fiberfill and a bit of a weight.  After reviewing several patterns, I decided on the Nancy Zieman version with an alteration or two.

I practiced on the smaller version first. My phone served as the Guinea pig.  It is a simple design and took no time at all.

For the weighted bottom, I used rice. Dry beans, small marbles, aquarium stones, pea gravel, etc would work just as well to give it stability.  I made a small inner bag to hold the rice and stuffed the remaining pillow with fiberfill.

Nancy added cording to the base to keep the tech item from sliding. Since there was not a piece to be found in my inventory, I made a half inch channel for the item to sit in. I then filled to the end of the unit with more fiberfill and sealed the edge.

For the larger version, within the half inch channel is a kabob skewer, cut to width and no pointy end.  Just an experiment, but it seems to add more staying power, since I didn't have the cording.

Don't be afraid to change things around.  Patterns are blueprints, as well as guidelines. You're the designer, after all. Have fun with it!