Friday, January 22, 2016

Yes, Officer, I am wearing my seatbelt

Block 11

Block 12

So 2015 has come and gone, and I have finished every block of the BrownieKnits blanket along.  What a fun way to learn how to knit. Block 11 was a bit of lace work.  I had the most trouble with this one.  I believe it was the yarn overs that gave me trouble. Only practice will help that issue.

Block 12 was more cables combined with the seed stitch.  This was the
prettiest of all twelve to me.

Now it's time to wash, block, and sew together.  The pattern calls for it to be seamed with a simple mattress stitch.  The garter stitch edges serve as sashing, but I think I'm going to add more on my own.  Since my squares are all the same color, I thought a contrasting color made by crochet would be nice.  Maybe a darker blue, or white. Perhaps a half double crochet around each a block, crochet join, then a crochet border around the entire blanket. What do you think?  Maybe I need to stretch my knit skills to borders, but I'm not ready yet, and I just want it to be done!!

Wheat Scarf
My car project for the last couple of months has been the Wheat Scarf by Tin Can Knits. A fun and simple pattern, but with all scarves, can be a bit boring after you're halfway, doing the same repeat for miles😉. I have nearly a whole skein of the same color left over, so I was thinking maybe a hat or fingerless gloves would make a nice set.

Hubby asked for a knit hat in black.  He picked out the Antler hat by Tin Can Knits. More cables, but I'm a lot more comfortable with them now.  The black yarn is causing a bit of an issue.  My eyes are not what they used to be, so very bright light seems to be in order.  Still, it's a fun knit.

Seat Belt Pockets
Hubby also made a special request for a seat belt pocket pouch for the work truck.  He is a commercial truck driver who wears black t-shirts nearly everyday.  If an officer or D.O.T. Inspector suspects you are not wearing the seatbelt, they will pull you over in a heartbeat.  Just the other day he passed an officer going in the opposite direction.  It was obvious he was checking out the seatbelt.  The neon colors stick out like a sore thumb.

Beware: it's not just the truck drivers they are watching!

The other sewing projects I've been working on have been walker/wheelchair pocket pouches. These are great for hands free operation of your mobility device. This group will most likely end up in my local assisted living facility. They are available for special order in a color and/or print of your choosing.  Just give me buzz here or on Etsy.