Friday, January 16, 2015

Chit Chat

Chit Chat - Vintage glassware and Watts Bar Dam

While I was in Ohio Christmas week,  Mom and I went to Gallipolis to visit family.  We went to the nursing home to see her sister, my aunt, Elsie.  I hadn't seen her in many years.  She looked really good to me and we had a very nice visit.  While I was there she gave me a set of two vintage glass peacocks.  These peacocks sat on each end of the piano at her house the whole time I was growing up.  I have always admired them, even as a kid.  I am so grateful!

She told me the story behind them.  The first year she and Morris were married, she bought them for her mother, my grandmother, as a Christmas gift in 1948.  They're a lot older than I thought.  Even older than me! :)  I couldn't be more pleased to have them in my house now.  I am so nostalgic at times.  I love having things from my childhood around me.

While watching a YouTube video blogger, Pam Chatfield, the other day, I caught an episode of her teaching someone how to use Instagram.  I had heard of it a lot lately, but thought "Do I really need to be on another social network?"  I caved.  Now I'm addicted.  But it is so much fun to see the snapshots of what's happening throughout the day.  To see what friends are knitting, crocheting, cooking, sewing, whatever.  My profile is jcs.sewingroom.  Let's share.

I'm still working on the Super Secret Project.  I take it with me everywhere I go.  The deadline is getting closer, and I want it DONE!  I would like to do other projects, but I feel I need to devote my time to this one to get it done in time.  I would like to have it done by the end of the month.  I don't think that is going to happen.

Sister and I have started planning a party for Mom's birthday.  I'm going to make the decorations, she's in charge of food!  It's a fun project.  Starting this early should give us plenty of time.

We went to Watts Bar Dam the other day.  Yes, it was cold!  It's the middle of Janauary!  But we were bored and needed to get out of the house and explore.  We saw the signs on the interstate and just followed them.  Turns out it's a lot closer to the house and came home faster than we went.  :)
We had the whole place to ourselves mostly.  It was very cloudy and a bit windy.  We'll enjoy it better in the spring.