Friday, October 2, 2015

Lady Bugs Everywhere!!

Lady Bugs Everywhere!!

Block 8
I finished Block 8 of the Brownie Knits Blanket Along. Thank you Gina for a new challenge.  The fisherman's rib was easy enough once you knew how to work the stitch.  But don't make a mistake!  Three inches into the block I noticed a mistake five stitches ago. Evidently, the fisherman’s rib does not lend itself to tinking back. I became so frustrated I frogged the whole thing and restarted. I tried to use a life line, but that seemed to distort the stitches. Hopefully it will wash and block nicely. 
Block 9

Block 9 and more cables, but this time they seemed much easier.  Perhaps because there was not as many as in Block 5, or because I felt more comfortable.  Whatever the case, I think it turned out lovely. 

Have you tried Periscope or Meerkat yet?  So much fun!  But beware, it can be addicting.  For those who don't know, both Periscope and Meerkat are apps for your phone or tablet.  They are related to Twitter and part of a social media trend of today. Periscope is the new kid and has grown by leaps and bounds.  Because of the unexpected growth, Periscope is having a bit of trouble handling the popularity. Lost connections are common place and frustrating.  But these are overlooked often times because you're having fun.  Both platforms offer a way to communicate with your viewers in real time.  The viewer types in comments, the broadcaster responds.  Meerkat broadcasts can not be replayed without a third party app.  Periscopes are available for replay only for 24 hours. Check them out and test how strong you are not to drop what you're doing when that notification sound whistles at you.  😉

Wheat Scarf

Aside from the Brownie Knits blanket along blocks, I don't have any finished knitted items this month. I do have a scarf that I'm working on called Wheat by TinCanKnits.  It is a simple "learn to knit" project that I use as my car knitting WIP.  The pattern is easy to memorize and easy to knit. 

We continue to explore Tennessee.  Husband's job took him to Signal Mountain.  He took me up there the following weekend to explore. Some very nice homes and very nice views!  We also found the Spaceship House". It looks like a flying saucer, complete with retractable stairs. Sort of reminds me of the Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space. 😱

I have been keeping busy with sewing a couple more project bags, more seat belt pockets, and dpn holders.  I fell in love with some lady bug fabric.  Can you tell?  Everything listed in my Etsy shop is available for immediate shipment, of course, but they are also examples.  Feel free to contact me to customize an item especially for you.  This form may make it easier for you to convey to me what you're looking for in material, prints, size and accessories.